Sex and Violence do not sell. Surprise, surprise

We’ve seen many advertisements everywhere that uses sex and violence. From Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Burger King, Adidas, Coca-Cola to Oreo. Well, well, according to a recent study by American Psychological Association, sex and violence do not increase the effectiveness of an advertisement.

Read the recent study here.

Results of this study have tremendous influence over the advertising industry, especially for all advertisers. Co-author of the study Brad J. Bushman says, “in fact they may even backfire by impairing memory, attitudes and buying intentions for advertised products.”

The result of the study might shock many advertisers since in the last decade they have believed that using sex and violence will increase number or purchase. The idea of injecting sex and violence on ads is to be noticeable among competitors. Though, study found almost no evidence that violent and sexual programs and ads increased advertising effectiveness.

The study says that ads with violent are less favorably, and less likely to be purchased than brands advertised in nonviolent media.  The ads with sexual overtones were viewed less favorably than those advertised in media with no sexual content. Both do not increase brand’s memory or intention to buy.

When I think it over and over, sex only sells when it’s selling sex, like sex toys or sex tapes, and violence has a negative influence among people. Why have advertisers thought that sex and violence would sell?

Sex and violence are controversial and sensitive topics. Why do advertisers want to start a debate with their customers with their advertisements? They thought sex and violence sell, they wanted to be different, I guess. But study says the opposite.

At the end of the day, whatever study says, it’s always what the clients want to see on an ad. So, I’m excited to see and witness where the advertising industry is going, now knowing that sex and violence are actually not working.


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