5 Benefits Of Reading Digital Magazines

Original article was published on HIGO’s website on January 26, 2016; you can read it below:

Digital magazine is one of the products resulting from advances in technology and media communications industry. Previously, people could only read traditional magazines that are made of paper. With the development of technology today, we all can read magazines easily in a digital version within your smartphones and tablets.

While the world is shifting to digital media, here are 5 benefits of reading digital magazines:

  1. Read Anytime, Anywhere

With digital magazine, people can enjoy the latest editions of magazines in electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets. Just by downloading the digital magazine mobile application, we can read magazines with a wide selection. Because smartphones and tablets are easy to carry, reading digital magazines is much easier too.

  1. Offline reading

People can enjoy magazines without the need of an internet connection. However, we still need internet access to download digital magazine mobile application as well as the latest issue of a magazine. After everything is installed within the smart devices, magazine issues are available to read offline.


  1. Fun and interactive features

In contrast to print magazine, digital magazine provides more interactive features for readers, for example: like, comment and share buttons. People can use these features to interact with other readers, leave comment and share their favorite magazine articles with their family and friends.

  1.   Easy to store

Digital magazines are more efficient to store. Unlike the print magazine, it will end up being stacked in the living room, damaged or get lost; the digital magazine will be automatically stored in your smartphones and tablet.

  1.   Go Green

By purchasing a digital magazine, we can help reduce the impact of global warming and save trees on Planet Earth, as one tree on average is used to print more than 2,350 traditional magazines.

There’s a battle between print and digital industry for publishing companies. While print publications are now considered old-fashioned, digital publications are perfecting their user experience on both computer and mobile.

Digital magazine has become the lifestyle for news lover, especially in Indonesia. There are more than 52.2 million smartphone users in Indonesia, and the average people spend 181 minutes every day using electronic devices, according to Statista and Milward Brown AdReaction. Addition to the growing number of smartphones and tablets users in Indonesia, digital reading has also become a trend of people’s lifestyle. To know what’s going on with the world is now just as convenient as accessing smartphones and tablets within fingertips.

HIGO is a new digital magazine mobile app in Indonesia, and is actively developing features, such as like, comment and share. Our main feature is “Tiles Page,” a single-click access to each article of digital magazine, which will be discussed further in the next blog post. Keep watching for new release updates and features as HIGO continues to grow. To learn more, visit our website and be sure to visit us on Facebook as well as Twitter.

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