It’s Nice to be Alive (Be Grateful For All the Goodness in Life)

I usually don’t write blog post like this, but I got to this time, and I’m going to tell it as how it went.

It started last night. After I went home from work around 7 p.m., I went straight to the kitchen and cooked the chicken drums that I marinated since the night before. I dipped the chicken drums into beaten egg, and covered them with seasoned flour. I deep-fried them, and that was my dinner. I ate for a few minutes. There was some eggs left, so I decided to made an omelette. I put one tablespoon of butter onto a frying pan, turned on the stove, and waited for a few seconds. I held the pan’s handle, picked it up with my right hand, hoping I would spread out the butter throughout before making the omelette. The pan was still on my hand and it got on fire.

I don’t really remember how long the fire lasted, but I would guess about 5 seconds or so. My sister, who was sitting nicely, watching TV in the living room, got up and was freaking out. My heart beat so fast, my right arm froze for a few seconds, and I was looking at my sis said, “shit! What the hell do I do?” For a second, some bad thoughts came through my mind: what if the fire got bigger? what if I burned this apartment? What if this is the end? My adrenaline hormone was working so well, so I shook my right arm. The fire died suddenly.

I put down the pan and sat down. I didn’t believe what just happened for a second. My sister was nagging for a minute and blamed me for almost burning the apartment. I got so emotional, and raised my voice to her, and said “you know, instead of blaming me over and over, we should be thankful that we are okay!” I know that I did something wrong to trigger the fire, and I might have been exaggerating about this story but the fire was quite big, and was right on my face.

I didn’t really sleep well last night because of the fire. Today, though, I got up earlier than usual because I need to run some errands, such as paying monthly parking fee and getting some gas before going to work. I was never the one paying the parking fee, and I didn’t know how much it was, so I paid a little bit too much to the person who was there. This was kind of stupid because I didn’t check the receipt until I left with the car. While driving to work, I realized that it paid too much. I drove out for a couple minutes, and took the first U-turn, went back, and he gave back the money. I am very grateful that there’s still an honest person in a cruel, big city like Jakarta.

On the way to work, I stopped by the gas station, which I never been to before. I was a little bit pissed because never ever in the history of me buying gas, I had to pay extra because I used a credit card. So, I’m not gonna go there again. Other than these two stupid things that happened in the morning, my day went good. It was a typical Thursday.

Jakarta, for a about two weeks, has been super sunny and the weather has been so hot; it hasn’t been rained on at all. Then, all the sudden around 5 p.m. today I heard thunder from outside. I looked out the windows, and suddenly it rained quite heavily. I went home a little after 6 p.m. The rain stopped, only some drizzles left. After pulling out the car from the driveway, drove for about one minute, crossed a railroad, which I was going only 20 km/hour, a car that is a public transportation so-called “angkot” hit my car from the left side.

I was just driving and crossing the railroad, and so my focus was on going slow and straight. I didn’t realize how much in hurry the driver was, trying to pass me for getting a customer. He cut me off and hit the left bumper of the car. I was okay. Right after it happened, so many things were in my head. I asked myself: should I stop and talk to the driver? should I just leave? I got distracted when I saw him driving so fast, running away from me. With only one second to decide, I chased after him. I drove so fast, turned on the horn, passed many cars and motorcycles for about 500m. I would say it was quite like what we see in the movie.

I saw him running away, and suddenly turned left onto a small road. I followed. I stopped and parked the car in the middle of the road and it caused traffic jam. I wasn’t sorry. I was alone. I got out of the car like a badass girl. First, I looked out for the damage on the car- it was some scratch on the bumper and some red paint from the “angkot” got stuck too. I got very emotional and raised my tone to the driver. I’m 100% sure it wasn’t my fault because I was on my lane and going slow.

Some guy told us not to park in the middle of the road and finish the problem on the side of the road. So, I drove like 50 meters, and found a good place to park. We didn’t talk. We argued, and all the bad words came out from my mouth. I was relieved. I needed that. I already knew since the car got hit, I wasn’t getting anything out of it. I only needed some closure. If you ever live in Jakarta, I don’t need to explain to you how rude and reckless the public transportation’ drivers are.

After a 2-minute argument that got nowhere, my sanity came back and I decided to leave because I felt very insecure. I did things without thinking sometimes. Why did I even stop and spoke to him? What if he was a bad guy, and I got in a worse trouble? What if I was kidnapped? I went back to the car and drove away. Unfortunately, because it was still in the train station area, I had to wait to cross the railroad. I parked the car. I immediately called my mom, and she wasn’t available. I called my sister, and while I was talking to her for a brief minute, the “angkot” driver knocked on the window, creeping me out. He asked for a responsibility because he lost all his customers. He pretty much asked for money. I yelled at him to go away, and thankfully soon after that the road was open, and I was able to cross the railroad.

I followed the small road, and I got lost for about 20 minutes. It wasn’t until 8.30 p.m. that I arrived home. It was a hell of a night, maybe worst than last night.

In only 24 hours, with two crazy things that happened to me, I learned a life lesson that is so precious. I realized that how bad all the things happen to you, always appreciate the goodness. Blaming others won’t get you anywhere, instead it will make you more miserable because you are trying to solve a problem but you are not done with the problem itself- does that makes any sense at all?

It’s been such a long story. I hope I didn’t bore you. But again, it’s nice to be alive and remember that life goes on, so throw out the bad stuff, take in all the good stuff and always be grateful!


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