5 Reasons Publishers Should Go Digital

Original article was published on HIGO’s website on April 6, 2016 written by me; you can read it below:

Digital has become the ‘trend,’ from technology to media industries. It has also become an essential platform for publishing companies. As software engineers keep inventing and advancing the technologies, Digital Era is reshaping people’s culture and future. It’s no strange seeing people walking down the street looking at their smartphones or sitting down inside a cafe playing with their tablets or laptops.

The number of hours that people spend on the Internet has grown significantly as most users are connected through smartphones, tablets, and computers. In 2015, 93.4 million people were accessing the internet in Indonesia. This figure is projected to grow to 123 million in 2018, according to Statista. At the same time, Indonesian people spend over 400 minutes every day using laptop, smartphone and tablet, according to a recent study by Millward Brown AdReaction.


Digital is the future. While printed magazine subscriptions are slowly going down, sales for digital magazines are increasing.

Below are the 5 reasons publishers should go digital:

User Experience

Happy customers will come back, and to make them happy, publishers need to provide them with unique user experience. In the 21st century, user experience is very crucial because it will determine whether or not a customer wants to continue using a product or service. With the digital technology, not only it’s easier and flexible, but there is also a unique digital experience readers will discover especially when it’s accessed through smart devices that is available anywhere, anytime.

Get to Know the Brand Loyals

Publishers may spend too much money into distributing their publications throughout the country. Not only the printing already costs a lot, but there is also shipping costs. After a publication is being distributed physically, there is almost no way to track where it’s been, who buys and reads it. With the advanced of digital technology, the analytics data provided by tech companies will help publishers to get to know their brand loyals in details. The analytics data is a form of feedback from readers for publishers to improve their productions.

Cheaper Paperless

It is a fact that the more trees cut down, there will be less material to make papers. The demand of papers in Indonesia is still high; at the same time, the supply is slowly decreasing, making the paper price to increase over time. Going digital is a smart alternative for publishers that are also an efficient and cheaper option. Instead of spending money to print hundreds of thousands copies of newspapers and magazines, which in the end will be forgotten and thrown away by readers, publishers could save those money and invest it to other platforms.

Following the Trend

The media industry might be the industry with the most audience because it is important for everyone to keep in touch with the things that are happening across the globe. With the technology, information could travel within seconds online, which makes it a must for publishers to be following the trend of what platforms readers use daily. To be able to survive in the Digital Era, the competitive industry like the media, all publishers need to go digital and provide information where their readers are, including online.

Go Green

According to Conservatree, 1 ton of newsprint papers are made out of 12 trees, which one tree is approximately equal to only 3,757 sheets of newsprint papers or about 70 copies of 54-page newspapers. This means that one copy of newspaper uses about 1.4 percent of a tree. A newspaper company is distributing roughly about 5.000 copies every day; that equals to 71 trees every day. For publishers who are going digital, it also means that they take a part of saving trees and help creating a greener planet.

To survive in the early era of digital, publishers should look into a new alternative of their publications — going digital. Addition to the growing number of smartphones and tablets users in Indonesia, digital reading has also become a trend of people’s lifestyle. To know what’s going on with the world is now so convenient accessed within fingertips.

HIGO is a new digital magazine mobile app in Indonesia, and is actively developing features, such as like, comment and share. Our main feature is “Tiles Page,” a single-click access to digital magazine articles. Keep watching for new release updates and features as HIGO continues to grow. To learn more, visit our website and be sure to visit us on Facebook as well as Twitter.

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