Social Media? 4 Reasons You Cannot Ignore

It has been a debate whether social media is important and worth putting time into or it is just a trend that will fade away pretty soon. In the past decade, software engineers have been on top of their careers, making money while developing social apps that changed the way global communication is perceived.

From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, to Snapchat, each of social platform has its niche and a unique objective to the audience. Below is the 4 reasons why businesses cannot ignore social media:

socialmedia photo

1. Increase brand recognition

We are social people, and by that, it means we socialize and talk to one another. With the existence of social media, the communication has been performed into an online conversation. Since Facebook launched in 2004 and Twitter launched in 2006, the online social network has changed forever. To increase brand recognition, it is essential for businesses to be active on social media. These networks are the new channels for the brands’ voice and content. Being active on social media, it means reaching out the audience to make them more familiar with the brands.

2. Be where your audience are

There are 7.125 billion people on earth, and around 66 percent are 15-64 years old, an approximate of 4.7 billion. According to Statista, there are 2.22 billion people worldwide who are social network users in 2016, covering almost 50 percent of the adults global population. Predictably, the number will be 2.72 billions in 2019. The number of social network users worldwide have grown so significantly year after year, convincing more and more businesses to reach out their customers through social media. For a brand to be known, it’s always about being where the audience are, and in this case, social media is one platform businesses cannot ignore.

3. Two-way interaction

Before there were social network, there was no interaction between brands and the audience. It was a one-way conversation. Print ads, TV commercial and radio ads are the examples. When there are a promotion or a special deal, a brand usually purchases a space on newspaper or magazine, radio spot or billboard to announce it. These methods are considered old-fashioned because it is a one-way conversation, which making it very hard to know which customers heard or seen the ads then decided to make a purchase at the store for the promo. Social media definitely changed the communication between brands and the audience into two-ways conversations. Nowadays, talking to audience is as easy as writing a 140-character tweet or writing a post on Facebook wall.

4. Expand network

There is no limit in terms of social media. Because it exists on the Internet, social media is accessible anywhere and anytime as long as we have access to the Internet. This also means that there is so much room for a brand to expand its network globally through social media. It’s very possible for a brand to find customers they never knew existed on the other side of the globe with the help of hashtags (#) on Twitter.  If done correctly, hashtag campaign could have huge impact into expanding network for a startup or a brand that is targeting global market.

The longer you wait to create Twitter and Facebook fan page, the more you have to lose. When done right, these social media pages can lead to more customers, more traffic, and more conversions. Creating business pages in social media platforms is 100% free. So, why wait?


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