4 Secret Ingredients for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

A lot of companies are finally realizing how the Digital Age has risen in last decade and how important it is to invest and take digital marketing more seriously than ever before. As a Social Media Manager in a startup tech company, I have learned many things from copywriting to design. Here is the 4 secrets of digital marketing strategy that works so well if done correctly:


1. Know Your Target Audience, Niche Your Market

For the start, whatever industry your companies are in, it is essential to know the target market. Customer behavioral research must also be done because it is very important if you are doing SEO and SEM.

Finding those keywords that matches your customers’ behaviors will help you a lot while doing any paid online ads. For instance,  if you are a new online clothing shop that target more towards women and young adults, you need to understand who you really are targeting.

Niche your market by researching and analyzing their hobbies, what they are reading, what time of year they like to shop, and many other behaviors that is relevant.  The next step is implement those keywords for your digital/online marketing.


2. Create reasons for customers to want your products

With how fast information flows in the Digital Age, online world has become very noisy, and your contents can easily be buried. So, this is why you need to create contents that stand out. Treat your website as a King and your content as a Queen.

Due to the evolution of digital technology, the way of marketing has altered and adapted into some new elements. For instance, hard-sell advertising won’t be as effective as before because audience are so feed up with other contents already, which makes them prefer not to be told what to do.

Avoid the phrases like “Buy now!” or “Download now!” because when those phrases are the first thing customers see in an ad, they would just skip the ad because they don’t give a heck about who you are, unless you are a very, very well-known brands.

Customers, nowadays, they care more about how your products or services make their lives better, and why should they buy or get it. Instead of using command words, try using questions or using words that trigger curiosity in the ads copy, such as: “imagine,” “if,” “try,” “new,” “easy,” “never,” and many others.


3. Add Unique Selling Point (USP) For All Of Your Content

We were just talking about creating contents that stand out, which leads us to Unique Selling Point (USP), the factor presented by a seller as the reason that one product or service is different and better than of the competition.

USP is pretty much the thing that makes your product or service different than your competitors. You should always have this memorized at all times because this is the key, most of the time, also the reason people purchase from you.

In the digital world, everything you can add to a ‘webpage’ is content, includes written texts, images, videos, graphs and infographics, and links. By adding your USP to all contents, it brings repetitions which works as a reminder for customers that your product or service is unique and different than others.


4. Call-To-Action Is Also A Must

Call-to-action or CTA is an image or line of text that prompts your visitors, leads, and customers to take action. It is, quite literally, a “call” to take an “action.”

This might be the most important ingredient of all the fours because this will directly lead to sales. CTA makes reaching out to potential customers only a button away. Good CTA contains strong verbs, yet still inviting and is curiosity. See CTA examples from crazyegg.

Writing CTA can be tricky because if too weak or too strong, customers will run away before even reading the complete texts. CTA can be words, buttons, even links, and it is crucial to place CTA everywhere on your website and all of your contents as well.



Knowing that almost everyone in the world is online, there is no doubt for companies to invest their money in digital marketing. Not only it’s cheaper, it also provides analytic that offline marketing could never able to provide. Each business has its own story, and that’s why different strategy might and might not work for one company. Though, I believe that with these four secret ingredients, niche market, create reason, USP and CTA, when done correctly, it will change the company once and forever.

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