6 Instagram New Updates You Must Know

I’ve always been fascinated with Instagram. As it keeps progressing with new features, Instagram also delivers what the users need in which makes everyone to be addicted to it.

Instagram update-06

Since August 2016, Instagram released Snapchat-like feature called Insta Story, and ever since Instagram aggressively creates new features. As far as now, Instagram users react positively to those new features. Below, I am going to break down 6 new Instagram updates that you must know.

1. Archive

Instagram update-01Just like its feature name, Archive functions to collect historical photos and to hide them from everyone else in the Archive tab, the third button from left in the upper right corner. It’s only you can see the posts that you’ve archived, so this is pretty much private. In short, I use Archive feature because: I still love those photos but I don’t want anyone to see them nor want to delete them, so I archive them.

2. Collection

Instagram update-02This new Instagram feature, Collection, reminds me of Pinterest feature Save Pin, except Instagram makes Collection privately so that only the users can view the photos. With Collection, we are able to save photos from other Instagram users to our own Collection, or in Pinterest it’s called Board. We can create a name for each collection, too! I think this new feature comes in really handy because I can keep track and revisit the photos I love. One weakness I notice from Collection is that the original user is never notified when his post has been saved to our collection.

3. Eraser Tool

Instagram update-07Eraser tool in Insta Story has been released last month together with feature Rewind Mode. Just like its name, Eraser tool functions to remove any drawings we added on an image that we are about to post on Insta Story. Different from Snapchat Magic Eraser, Instagram Eraser tool cannot “Photoshop” out objects from the original image. Personally, I love Easer tool as it’s really fun just to play around with it.

4. Location Stories

Instagram update-03With Location stories, Instagram allows us to see everything what’s going on around us sorted by its location. Any Insta stories that uses “Location stickers” will automatically be added to Location stories. This feature shows us the slideshows of videos and images that have been posted/shaed by strangers (we don’t necessarily follow) with the same business, landmark or location’s names. I personally find this Location stories helpful especially in discovering new places around us geographically.

5. Rewind Mode

Instagram update-05It was a viral right after Instagram rewind mode has been released – almost all of my friends who are on Instagram were crazy about it too! Just like Boomerang looping videos, Rewind mode does the same thing except the video not only plays in loop but also played in rewind mode. How entertaining that is!

6. Selfie Filters

Instagram update-04.jpgJust released less than a month ago, Instagram now provides users with Snapchat-like face filters on Insta story. Working exactly like Snapchat face filters, Instagram selfie filters allows us to add virtual animal ears, gold flower crown, nerd  glasses and many others. Outside of sharing in Insta Stories, these selfie filters can be also shared through direct message. What’s more amazing is the filters also work in Stories’ Boomerang mode and in Rewind mode too!

There are more Instagram new updates in the last year, from Top Live videos, Save video mode, Hands-free Insta Story, Watch-All Insta Story, not mentioning the multiple accounts login, direct links for Sponsored Ads and also direct links or “See More” in Insta Stories. Its progress really shows how committed Instagram is with advancing the technology and spoiling the users by providing these awesome features. I will be waiting for Instagram new updates in the near future ❤

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