I have done and written handful of successful ad campaigns since college until my current job. Here are a few of them:
KlinikRISET was an O2O (Online to Offline) campaign that MNC Sekuritas created to attract investors to stop by our office and talk to the research team. My role was to create the online post (below) and constantly updated it on website and social media, as well as become an admin to answer any inquiries that new customers might have online.

teaser klinik riset-02

Rising independent women is now a trend in Indonesia making Kartini Day to be more popular to celebrate in varied ways. Taking advantage of this event, I created an online quiz campaign for MNC Sekuritas in April 2017 on its Facebook Fan Page, which got over 11K reach and about 1K engagement that are both Organic.


Another example of O2O (Online to Offline) campaign at MNC Sekuritas was the event “Sosialisasi Kartu Akses” in Semarang. As a digital marketing, I created the e-flyer below and posted it on social media profiles.

Sosialisasi Akses

Started from ‘nada’, in October 2015 I created HIGO’s social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, and LINE@. I have also done mailing list using Mautic (a similar platform to MailChimp). Below are some examples of the paid FACEBOOK AD, email blast, AS WELL AS LINE@ ad campaign for partnered with Kumpulan Puisi @sastrapedia.




IMG_1801  IMG_1802.jpeg

I was a part of the 2014 Advertising Team at the University of Idaho, which we won the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) district 11 competition made by American Advertising Federation (AAF). Our team was Perimeter Drive; it was named after a street in our own university town, Moscow, Idaho. My main job was doing market research and in charge of fundraising events. With a total of 14 students, two years in a row, UI Ad Team swept the first place. In 2014, our client was Mary Kay cosmetics, and the big idea is “Seek,” a way of rebranding its newer products to the 18-25 years old women. View the Perimeter Drive Plan Book, or read an article about it here.
Coral Creation 131 was an advertising agency that three other students and I created as a part of advertising campaign class of senior year of college in 2014. The client was Apple Inc., and the big idea was “We will always be with you every step of the way, everyday Apple.” My role in the team was being Account Executive and Traffic Manager, where I made sure everything was on track and met deadlines. In the plan book, i wrote executive summary, situation analysis, pr and promotion, marketing objectives & strategies, evaluation and summary. view The Coral Creation Plan book.

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