Working at a start-up company allowed me to learn many things, to do multitask, and to grow as a professional and as an individual. At HIGO, I did from social media management, account management, marketing research, ad copywriting to blog writing. Below are some examples of my published ad copywriting and blog posts:




5 Reasons Publishers Should Go Digital

5 Benefits Of Reading Digital Magazines

Single-Click Tiles Page to Simplify Finding Articles

8 Reading Habits You Probably Don’t Realize Doing

I joined The Argonaut, the University of Idaho student newspaper in April 2013. I have written from news articles, opinion columns, feature stories, reviews to recipes. I served as food blog “Crumbs” manager, reporter, arts and entertainment “rawr” writer and page designer from May 2013 to May 2014. Then in summer 2014 I was promoted to be advertising graphic designer and production manager for the summer Argonaut. I give the credit to everyone who participated to publish the paper twice a week. Joining the team has been the best thing on my college career, and I am very pleased to have been a part of The Argonaut. Check out below for my published articles:

Getting sticky fingers | Nurainy Darono

Preventing Stress1

Preventing stress | Nurainy Darono

A helper, a friend, a partner | Nurainy Darono

Graduating seniors speak out | Nurainy Darono

Cooking with alcohol | Nurainy Darono

April's wacky days | Nurainy Darono

The 'Supernatural' apocalypse | Nurainy Darono

The Vandal chef battle | Nurainy Darono

Cheese sticks | Nurainy Darono

Kudos for promotional kittens | Nurainy Darono

The neighbors restaurants | Nurainy Darono

Fried chicken yellow rice | Nurainy Darono

Single room living | Nurainy Darono

Dance, move your body | Nurainy Darono

Kitchen makeover | Nurainy Darono

Creamy shrimp Alfredo pasta | Nurainy Darono

Your body, your pride | Nurainy Darono

Superbowl muncies | Nurainy Darono

Quartet comeback | Nurainy Darono

Pumpkin up Halloween dishes | Nurainy Darono

Still supporting her Vandals | Nurainy Darono

Sweet treats for a sweet tooth | Nurainy Darono

Dare to climb | Nurainy Darono

Prepare for professionalism | Nurainy Darono

The China program | Nurainy Darono   National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation movie review | Nurainy Darono

Saved in the cloud | Nurainy Darono  'Game Show' night | Nurainy Darono

Think internationally | Nurainy Darono

Appreciate doughnuts | Nurainy Darono

Playing to prepare | Nurainy Darono

Summer away from home | Nurainy Darono

Connecting colleagues with comedy | Nurainy Darono

Taking the cake | Nurainy Darono

Shorter, cheaper in summer session | Nurainy Darono

Click the links below to watch my video projects
UI Iron chef competition
Smart snacks
What the Crepes Moscow
Breakfast smoothies
Midterm snacks speak out
Dorm-friendly recipe
Favorite foods speak out
Campus Dietitian tips
Superbowls munchies
Sweet Treats
Click the links below to read The Argonaut, rawr and Crumbs blog
The Argonaut
Crumbs blog

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